This will enable Fasset to partner with public providers from Universities and Universities of Technology registered with DHET to ensure that learners are fully bursared in order to obtain formal qualifications that will ultimately enhance their chances of securing learnerships, internships or full time employment in the broader economy including in the Fasset sector.

Fasset is currently in the process of establishing the parameters to issue bursaries to the “Missing Middle” as from January 2017 and is working with Universities and Universities of Technology registered with DHET to finalise.

Financial support for learners in the sector with student loans: #NSFAS Loan Repayment Grant

This enables Fasset to identify young learners who have already completed a qualification aligned to scarce skills within the sector and are being hampered in achieving their full potential due to the financial burden that they are carrying.

The outcome of this intervention is that learners will be relieved of their financial burden, will be able to complete their learnerships without having to change jobs just for higher salaries to pay off their loans AND re-inject additional funding into the NSFAS pool which will enable additional learners to have access to full time study opportunities. In other words this intervention will have a double benefit to the post schooling system in that the Fasset sector will be able to access learners who are not as financially burdened as they were previously whilst also offering opportunities to new learners who are seeking to enter the higher education and training area who are financially constrained.

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“The Gift Of Study Without Worry”
Dean Petersen
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Kgothatso Lelaka
Lethabo Semetsi
Letty Seshoka
Mbasakazi Fokazi
MM Marakala
Nosipho Sambo
Ntlelo Mtotoba
Thandolwethu Njengane
Yolande Moyo

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