Verification & Certification

  • Adherence to NQF principles of assessment (fairness, validity, reliability, practicability)
  • Assessment and moderation quality management system
  • Assessment process, methodology and instruments
  • Internal moderation process, methodology, instruments and reports
  • Completed assessments (sample)
  • Assessment decisions

The purpose of verification is to confirm assessment decisions made by Fasset accredited providers. The process includes verification of:

The majority of qualifications within Fasset’s scope of quality assurance responsibility are subject to summative assessment performed by the relevant professional body. Verification of assessment for other qualifications, skills programmes and unit standards is conducted on site at the accredited provider. Verification is normally performed once per annum, depending on performance.

Fasset issues certificates for the achievement of qualifications and learnerships, and a statement of results for skills programmes and unit standards. Certificates and statements of results can only be issued if verification was successful and learner data has been reported in the format prescribed by Fasset.

Please contact the Fasset PQA Department of further information regarding verification and certification.