Assessor/Moderator Registration

Fasset only accepts the following applications for assessor / moderator registration:

Criteria for Registration as an Assessor with Fasset

The moderator should meet the following criteria:

Criteria for Registration as a Moderator with Fasset

The moderator should meet the following criteria:

Assessor / Moderator Registration Process

Complete the Fasset Online Registration application form (Click here
to access the platform).
Attach all relevant and supporting documentation
Submit the application and supporting documentation to the Fasset Processing and Quality Assurance department
If you will be assessing any of the Professional Body/Quality Assurance Partner qualifications, you will need to attach a letter of recommendation from the relevant Professional Body with your application form
When the application form has been evaluated against the set criteria, assessors will be notified in writing and issued with a registration certificate, registration number, and requirements for continued registration

List of supporting documents

Electronic copies of the following documents must be uploaded as part of the application process:

De-Registration Process

Fasset will de-register assessors for the following reasons:

Fasset Appeals Process

Assessors who have been de-registered or have not been granted registration may appeal against the decision by: